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When your business is in the incubator stage, you’re nurtured and allowed to develop at your own pace. In fact, the average startup spends 33 months in the business incubator phase.


Who has time for that?


We are partnering with brands focused on helping you grow your business - but not at the snail’s pace of an incubator - at the blazing hot speed of an accelerator program.


To that end, Agorapulse is joining forces with Stephanie Liu, an ad agency veteran and accomplished interviewer, to explore ways we can:


  • Grow & scale faster
  • Add more revenue
  • Improve & streamline processes


Agency Accelerated is your venture capital investment… in yourself.

May 9, 2022

Were you aware that Google Analytics is sunsetting their legacy offering in favor of the new GA4? Did you know that you have a limited amount of time to transition?

Aside from simply being a new way of tracking website performance, what else does this new version of Google Analytics do for your marketing agency?

And more importantly, aren’t we supposed to be able to use analytics to make data-driven decisions? Is there a way we can use everything Google Analytics tells us about a client to actually increase their ROI?

That’s exactly what Brie Anderson is going to talk to us about.

Brie is a self-professed analytical nerd with a soft spot for strategy. To us, she’s simply our go-to expert on Google Analytics. She contributes to leading industry publications such as Moz and Social Media Examiner, speaks at conferences everywhere, and she’s on the show to help you get the most out of GA.

Agency Accelerated host Stephanie Liu will be talking with Brie about:

✴️  What is Google Analytics 4?

✴️  Why should agencies start migrating their clients?

✴️  How can analytics actually increase ROI?

Think of it as your fun – and free! – consultation for your agency.

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