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When your business is in the incubator stage, you’re nurtured and allowed to develop at your own pace. In fact, the average startup spends 33 months in the business incubator phase.


Who has time for that?


We are partnering with brands focused on helping you grow your business - but not at the snail’s pace of an incubator - at the blazing hot speed of an accelerator program.


To that end, Agorapulse is joining forces with Stephanie Liu, an ad agency veteran and accomplished interviewer, to explore ways we can:


  • Grow & scale faster
  • Add more revenue
  • Improve & streamline processes


Agency Accelerated is your venture capital investment… in yourself.

Jun 28, 2022

According to SocialToaster, on average, brands generate a 650% ROI for every dollar invested in influencer and advocacy marketing.

Yet, the reality is, most brands aren’t leveraging customer advocacy, and those that are, aren’t tracking it.

That sounds like a terrific revenue opportunity for marketing agencies.

What exactly is customer advocacy, and more importantly, how do we do it well, in such a way that we’ll actually deliver ROI for our clients?

That’s exactly what Christina Garnett is going to talk to us about.

Christina uses audience intelligence and social listening to learn more about audiences to determine needs, behaviors, and more. As an advocacy strategist and community builder for HubSpot, her work serves to help brands better connect with their current customers, potential customers, and fans, and drive actual revenue.

Agency Accelerated host Stephanie Liu will ask Christina:

✴️  What does customer advocacy mean today

✴️  Why customer delight is important

✴️  How to prove ROI with customer advocacy

Think of it as your fun – and free! – consultation for your agency.

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